State based removal authority in the Indian Child Welfare Act can be circumvented!

…the beat goes on….It is time to empower American Indians and tribes to circumvent the Indian Child Welfare Act which allows state removal of Indian children. I tell people how to do just that and disclose my research in the American Indian Section of Educational Family Estate Apps. There will be no need then for…


Process of Reconciliation is Justice

“Robbed of [his] name(s), forbidden to speak [his] their languages (severe beatings would follow any use of traditional language), subjected to harsh physical punishment (Solomon Cecil Ned promised Dad, “Pick the cotton and at the end of the season, I will pay you. Payment never came.”) and deprived of love, [he] the children suffered enormously.”…


Intuitive Minds

“Intuition. Your feelings in math. What is that? It’s difficult to tell other people. That’s your personal stuff.”
It is exactly…intuition…of a sort that can’t be taught or learned….however, it is where the real power of the mind lies…..

Deanna Hartley – Kelso’s Affidavit Against Nowlin Descent from Susan Brown Nowlin

I will address a part of the letter dated November 11, 1999 written as an ‘affidavit’ by Deanna Hartley – Kelso, former Attorney General and Head of Judicial Department of the Chickasaw Nation. It states in part: “On the above matter my great-grandmother, Josephine Brown Graham, niece of Susan Brown, relayed in writing (in December, 1994)…