Alternative to Indian Child Welfare Act

There is tremendous opportunity to break the chains. We can better empower communities and more wisely spend the financial resources used “to defend” ICWA and do something even more….”radical.” How about ensuring true “access to justice” through affordable legal education and attorney services? More families could use Estate Planning and Guardianship tools already available to any state resident which serves to empower American Indian…


2016 New Year’s Resolution

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Our business debut was August 01, 2015. However, the extensive process that came before started two years prior and consisted of research, writing drafts and marketing. At EFEA, Social Justice is the sole motivator. We know that every family situation needs this information. Our goal is to meet your expectations and in fact exceed them. We can…


Cheaper Pharmaceuticals in Canada

Americans can buy the same labelled or patented pharmaceuticals in Canada cheaper out of pocket then they can buy those same medications in the U.S. WITH insurance. Hmmm, we have a great system, since the private sector voluntarily drives down costs… (at least, according to political theory). We know that isn’t the case.   When a loved…