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Why wait to plan when Educational Family Estate Apps, L.L.C. will provide substantial Estate Planning Education at an affordable price? Guess what?! Best of all you don’t have to spend several hours in an attorney’s office (spend it while sitting on your favorite easy chair)!

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App based Education may be set for filling in a widening gap in knowledge for you and your family

Washington State Supreme Court has held lawmakers in contempt regarding funding public education. Many states should be held similarly, since all the Western States at the time of their establishment were given mandates to provide education in their Enabling Acts (created through the power of the federal government). The federal government gave lands to the…


App based coverage of the American Indian Probate Reform Act with a Model Will!

My business, Educational Family Estate Apps will include extensive coverage of the AIPRA! It will have a discussion on some of the most important provisions of AIPRA and what you or a loved one should consider if interest in Trust or Restricted land is involved, whether or not additional real or personal properties are owned. A Model Will crafted under…