Announcement: free one year listing on the Multi-State Services Directory

This is the logo design for my new product, Educational Family Estate Apps. Professionals who have some connection to Estate Planning or Child Guardianship matters (e.g. tax, financial planning and investment) are being offered a free one year listing on the Multi-State Services Directory by responding to this announcement. Send inquiries to Share the…


While Americans have a low retirement IQ, the same can be said about their knowledge of Family Estate Planning

It is clear from my own research that Americans are equally behind the learning curve on matters involving Estate Planning and the importance of Child Guardianship. Educational Family Estate Apps will provide useful tips and expert opinions on tax and other areas connected to wealth management!

Educational Family Estate Apps website under development!

This concept is one based in social justice and (personal) empowerment. Everyone must anticipate winding down their affairs and parents should be aware just how important Child Guardianship is to the protection of their children. These are never easy topics but Educational Family Estate Apps places you in the “driver seat,” providing a serious educational road map…