Earth Day 2017

Cherish the Mother every day and on Earth Day for all she gives us and makes possible. (#taleofthelittlegoldfish)

In Congress, there is the proposal to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency or HR 861. We must build on progress, not digress. Don’t get sidetracked and don’t focus on “false flags!”

Trump Environmental Policy

Fact is, when environmental policy was implemented under land mark legislation under then President Nixon, Clean Water (CWA) and Clean Air (CAA) had immediate positive impacts just because of the clear environmental degradation. What some people want to ignore is the loss of that progress. The physical environment is more polluted today rather than less.…


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Fukushima Is Still A Disaster

Fukushima is still a disaster “Koizumi said he had been a proponent of nuclear power while prime minister, but living through the Fukushima disaster taught him that what experts said about atomic power being safe, cheap and clean was “all lies.””…/sick-us-sailors-and-marines-who… There is no safe amount of radiation. While the relevant frequency of “radiation…