Helen Nowlin

    Helen is an attorney, author having several publications and is a member of the Chickasaw Nation. She has successfully worked in a wide variety of legal topics, including Estate Planning, Social Security Disability and as a consultant to tax exempt organizations. She has background in Federal Indian Law, is gaining authority in American Indian Probate and has working knowledge of the Indian Child Welfare Act. It is her education in science and in the scientific process which has honed her research skills to their exceptional levels.

    As a Foster child once herself, she intimately understands many of the issues which underlie the state Foster and Adoption systems. She is a real advocate for all people and as a natural teacher she has a passion for social justice and the empowerment of others.

    These are just a few comments from people who have had the chance to observe Helen in action:

    Nice to see that you are passionate and damn smart

    Tough as nails

    You certainly do have an impressive presentation style, a type of clarity that speaks to the reader with a demure impassioned tone.

    In her private time, Helen enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

    Carlos Véjar

    Before that he was a Special Advisor to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and was in charge of national security matters. Visiting more than 90 Mexican Embassies and Consulates abroad, where a close and direct observation of their working conditions and procedures, comprehensive research and dozens of interviews with Ambassadors, Consuls and other diplomatic and consular personnel, led him to define a security strategy, specifically outlined for foreign policy activities.

    Other diplomatic activities include his post in Guatemala, between 1989 and 1992, where he was in charge of research and analysis of political, social and border security affairs. There he designed projects to promote the stabilization of the Mexico-Guatemalan border, affected then by the existence of guerrilla warfare in Guatemala and the fleeing of refugees to Mexico. He proposed and carried out an immediate action plan for the repatriation of Guatemalan refugees, making possible the beginning of their mass return to their home country and helping trigger peace talks there.

    While being the Coordinator General of the Mexican Refugee Aid Commission (COMAR), he drafted and operated emergency plans for the assistance and protection of nearly 50,000 refugees in the border states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Chiapas. 22,000 of them remained in the danger zone that resulted from the 1994 guerrilla outbreak in the latter state. He envisioned and put into effect the aerial voluntary repatriation, which eliminated the risks of transporting refugees by land through armed conflict zones both in Mexico and Guatemala. Transportation was effected from airports in Mexico to airfields in the Guatemalan jungle. He was also in charge of silently repatriating the first and only Mexican refugees in Guatemala, that same year. Other activities in COMAR include, between 1984 and 1986, the planning and operating of refugee camps in the above mentioned states and the display of efforts in Chiapas to move the refugees away from the border.

    In 1993, as Director of International Cooperation for the Attorney General’s Office, he envisioned and carried out a plan to allocate Mexican, US, Canadian and other multilateral resources (UN and OAS) to Central American countries, to strengthen their drug interdiction capabilities and thus reducing the drug flow from the southern producing countries to the northern consumer ones. A meeting with drug enforcement authorities at a ministerial level was held in Mexico City to discuss the project and 35 Central American police officers were brought to Mexico for the first and successful capacitation program

    He also coordinated international affairs at the CISEN (National Security and Investigation Centre) between 1986 and 1989, where he established the fundamentals to obtain,

    Adam Edvalson

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